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If you’re going to think conventionally you’re going to be out of business in 5 or 10 years.

Fundamental upheaval implies a change in the relationship between individuals and the universe they inhabit. Changes in technology, demographics, money, and power relationships require simultaneous changes in thought and action. We help you flip the script, so you can change your company's business practices and create success.

As humans, we make sense of the world through language and stories. Build the connection to your company's future with meaningful, inspirational narratives. You don't have to be a great communicator; Upend Communications' Narrative Transformations™ products show the way.


Upend Communications offers 8 Narrative Transformations™ products that allow you to develop a more resilient and inventive corporate culture. Which products you choose is up to you. Each one starts with an event, hosted by teams of two people. Each team is supported by behind-the-scenes experts in the field Anthropology, Ethnography, Computer Science, Communications, and Psychology so that the key narratives are created, transformed, and communicated in a manner that transmits contextual awareness to the minds of the intended audiences.


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What do we do?

We craft a narrative structure that helps clients transform the way they do business and bring delight to their customers.

How do we do it?

We relentlessly pursue clarity and simplicity until executive messages and strategic direction are aligned to ultimate goals.

What can I expect?

Analysis of existing business narratives with suggestions for change and tools that will increase revenues and decrease angst.

Who participates?

Executives and teams work with us to craft and communicate effective business narratives that drive action.


Upend Communications offers a structured way to transform and upgrade your business strategies and opportunities -- so that you can enter into a higher position or level, a better or more advanced state. Attempts at incremental improvement are self-limiting; we upend stale ideas and help companies make a quantum leap forward.

See Us In Action
"[Upend Communications] This experience is completely unique. To say I'm delighted would be an understatement."

Doug Girvin, CEO Stantive Technologies

"I am pleased to have had the opportunity to interact with Ms. Lee, whom I regard as an excellent communicator and talented strategist."

Vincent Monteparte, CEO Miro Technologies

"Upend cuts through the rhetoric, gets down to the goals of the organization, then ensures that you achieve those goals. Rather than just giving what you ask for, they give you what you really need."

Doug Girvin, CEO Stantive Technologies

"Robert is a great producer because he tells the stories of his subjects in a way that draws the viewer into the topic emotionally. He puts great feeling into his productions."

Cynthia Zeiden, National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences

"Robert Lundahl is a uniquely brilliant, inspired and skilled communicator and producer, both on the visual and editorial/content front. "

Sarah Hall, Director Wells Fargo Wholesale Services

"Lura has delivered [on] communication needs for connecting 2+ million employees. I highly recommend Lura for her ability to see what needs to be done."

Tamara Stacey, Sr. Director Global Communications Walmart


Value and relevance are 'in the moment' and 'on going' interpretations that are produced in the minds of customers, shareholders, employees and management. Upend Communications' 8 Narrative Transformations™ products move the market and increase corporate value.

Wells Fargo


Meet the people of Upend Communications, including the founders: Lura Lee and Robert Lundahl, by visiting the Team page.
WE CAN HELP YOU with the Narrative Transformations™ that open new opportunities.

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